How to Find the Best Ionic Air Purifier

IonicAir purifier from Air Oasis on a kitchen countertop

Ionic air purifiers are gaining traction among consumers, and for good reason. They’re compact, affordable, and most importantly, they really work.

Through releasing negative ions, the process of ionic air purifiers is safe and effective at cleaning your indoor air. The ions interact with and deactivate contaminants, such as viruses and bacteria, mold, allergens, VOCs, and odors, in order to create a healthier living environment.

However, as we know, not all products are created equally or are created to be the best fit for your specific needs.

Ionic air purifiers are a great first step in improving how you live by reducing indoor air pollution. Let’s deep dive into how to find the best ionic air purifier for your needs.

Spoiler: it might be best to combine ionization with other purification methods.

Ionic Air Purifiers for Homes

As you begin your search for the best ionic air purifier for your home, you’ll want to consider whether the air purifier you're purchasing has a few must-have features. These are:

  • Air ionizers must have ionization technology that produces effective negative ions without excessive ozone production.
  • Air ionizers must have adequate emission of negative ions to deactivate contaminants in both the air and on surfaces.
  • Air ionizers must have the correct rate of ion production per hour relative to space size.

The Air Oasis iAdaptAir® HEPA Purifier is the leader in combining the best of ionization and filtration in a single, smart air purifier. Available in four sizes, the iAdaptAir® offers technologies that include a True H13 HEPA filter, carbon filter, Bi-polar® ionization, and UV-C light. CARB-certified, this purifier works with a smartphone app and Alexa.

Ionic Air Purifier Technology

All air ionizers use ions to clean the air, but they don’t all do it in the same way. There are two primary technologies among ionic air purifiers. Let’s review both.

Bi-polar, Cold Plasma Ionization

The first type of technology used in ionic air purifiers is bi-polar ionization, also referred to as cold plasma ionization. The process of bi-polar ionization uses simple electricity to split water vapor into positively and negatively charged ions. Once the ions are charged, the effect causes the airborne particles to attract to one another, get heavy, until they eventually fall from the air altogether. Because of this process, bi-polar ionization is especially successful at removing smoke from indoor spaces.


The second type of technology used in ionic air purifiers is ionization. In the process of ionization, ions emitted from a well-made air purifier interact with unwanted bio-contaminants, causing them to be unable to continue to replicate, and ultimately purify the air. As the most powerful ionizer technology on the market, it’s important to note that Air Oasis air purifiers do not emit ozone.

What are Ionic Air Purifiers Good for?

Like many air purifiers, ionic air purifiers function best for certain symptoms and solutions. 

It’s true, an ionic air purifier is for everyone, even pets that need clean indoor air. There are, however, some uses that are most effective. In the purchase of any air purifier, you’ll first want to determine the best air purifier for your needs. It can be helpful to first understand how air purifiers work, and the best fit technology for your symptoms and desired solutions. 

When considering ionic air purifiers, understand that these purifiers work best on adults with fully developed respiratory systems, in contrast to babies, infants, or toddlers with still-developing respiratory systems. This limitation also exists for sick or elderly patients who are suffering from an impaired respiratory system for any number of reasons.

Viruses & Bacteria 

We know that ionic air purifiers can filter viruses and high doses of bacteria. In some cases, ionic air purifiers were known to help remove viruses, including COVID-19, from the air, in addition to facilitating surface disinfection of surfaces within a treated area. 


Ionic air purifiers can also help remove volatile organic compounds (known as VOCs) from the air. VOCs are emitted as gasses from certain solids and liquids are consistently (usually ten times) higher indoors. 


Many individuals suffer from mild or seasonal allergies caused by larger particles such as pollen, house dust, certain molds and pet dander. These particles can settle and land on surfaces in the home, rather than just the air. This makes them a perfect candidate for an ionic air purifier, which charges the particles, causing them to stick together and fall from the air. 

General Air Cleaning

Ionic air purifiers don’t pack the same punch as HEPA air purifiers, but they have their place and use for general air quality improvement. As a low-cost solution, ionic air purifiers are helpful for general indoor air cleaning that can cover a large surface area. In addition to being an inexpensive option, they are quiet and more compact compared to other purifier systems, making it possible to fit them into a variety of smaller living situations.

Buy an Ionic Air Purifier

Ionic air purifiers play an important role in the Air Oasis mission: to provide clean indoor air to your home. Our air purifiers contain five overlapping, redundant technologies to ensure the most particulates are filtered from your air. These include bi-polar ionization, silver ions, activated carbon, UV light, and the premier air purification tech—True H13 HEPA filtration.

When purchasing, remember that there are three key benefits that differentiate an ionizer air purifier from other air purifier products: 

  • Ion generators are generally fan-based.
  • Ion generators are usually filterless.
  • Ion generators tend to be more low maintenance than other air purifiers.

At Air Oasis, our air purifiers employ a unique, research-based ionization process that ensures you are getting the best indoor air quality possible. Shop Air Oasis air purifiers today.

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