Travel-Friendly Air Purifiers

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‘Tis the season for long road trips and plane rides to see family around the country. For those of us who have to leave the comfort of our homes during the holidays, this time of year can be wrought with stress. While holiday travel can bring unexpected travel delays, cramped guest quarters, and unwanted sickness–there is one thing you can control this holiday season.

Instead of dreading your nights in a hotel room or your grandma’s guest room, a travel-friendly air purifier can provide soothing relief, reduce dust, and mitigate the spread of germs.

Air Oasis has some travel-friendly air purifiers that are the perfect companion this holiday season–protecting you from dust, viruses, poor air quality, and more.  

Best Home Travel-Size Air Purifiers

What makes an ideal air purifier for travel? A few key features will ensure your new travel companion hits all the marks this holiday season.


It goes without saying–an air purifier should be portable to be ideal for travel. Select an easily portable air purifier. The unit's size and weight will be important in determining the best fit for your travel needs.


The size of your air purifier matters for two reasons regarding travel-friendly air purifiers. You need a unit that will function properly in a specific room size. Consider the average size of a guest room or hotel room in determining the best size purifier.

The unit's physical size will also play a role in your ability to put it in your suitcase or car to bring to your holiday destination. 


Often, you are in tight living quarters with family members around the holidays. Selecting a travel unit that emits low noise levels will be the most travel-friendly air purifier option. Noise levels will be measured in dB and can be compared across different units.

Portable Air Purifiers

Portable air purifiers are lightweight, easy to move, and small in size. Often, the unit size also relates to the size of the room it can service. The small size of the iAdaptAir™ purifier covers a space of up to 250 square feet, versus a large iAdaptAir which can cover up to 850 square feet. Despite their larger coverage area, units like the iAdaptAir medium and large are not very portable or best suited for travel. 

Can You Use an Air Purifier in a Hotel?

City air pollution levels significantly affect the hotel industry and hotel air quality, particularly in highly populated areas. If you plan to travel and stay in a hotel, bringing a travel-friendly air purifier can help you breathe easier on the road.

In many hotels, visible air pollutants, such as smoke and dust, and invisible air pollutants, such as fragrances or air fresheners, have a negative impact on stay quality. Despite this, most hotels still need to address these issues. If you are an individual that is sensitive to air pollutants even during a short period, such as a hotel stay, using a travel-friendly air purifier can help remove unwanted contaminants from the indoor air of your hotel room. 

Taking an Air Purifier for Holiday Trips

Holiday travel can land you in a number of new environments with pollutants your body is unaccustomed to or sensitive to. From Grandma’s dusty guest room to relatives with pets if you’re allergic, there are several reasons to take a travel-friendly air purifier on your next holiday trip.

Fall Allergies

If you plan to travel to an area with greater fall allergens than you are accustomed to–or if you know you are sensitive to fall allergens–consider bringing an air purifier in your suitcase. Climates with fall allergies are often cold or wet climates, with the added potential of mold.

Cities with Bad Air Quality

If you’re headed to the city for the holidays, and particularly if you’re planning to stay in a hotel, an air purifier can help filter the many air pollutants that will find their way into your bedroom. Poor air quality can lead to various health problems, including headaches and respiratory infections. 


If you’re allergic to pets and planning to visit a relative with a dog or cat, bringing along your travel-friendly air purifier will help reduce allergy symptoms from pet hair and dander found in the home you’re visiting. 

On the flip side, if you plan to bring your pet along on your holiday adventure, remember that dogs experience fall allergies too–bringing your pet to a new climate with fall allergens in the air can initiate allergy symptoms. 

Avoid Sickness

Along with the holiday season comes the cold and flu season as well. There’s nothing like holiday travel to help you catch the latest cold virus. Bringing a portable air purifier with you on your travels will help filter your air while sleeping and reduce airborne viruses in the air you breathe.


Whether you’re visiting a drier climate than you’re used to, or a relative’s house is just extra dusty, packing your trusted, travel-friendly air purifier will ensure that the air you breathe while you sleep is filtered from 99% of dust and pollutants in the air of your bedroom. 

Packing a Portable Air Purifier

When packing your portable air purifier, consider how much space you’ll need in your suitcase. If you’re traveling by plane versus car, the size of the unit you select will be especially important. Consider packing the air purifier in the packaging and box it was delivered in–this will best protect the unit during travel and ensure it arrives at your destination ready to purify your air.

Setting Up an Air Purifier

The average hotel room size is about 330 square feet, making it ideal for a small room air purifier. A small room air purifier works in rooms up to 250 square feet, but considering your hotel room will also include your bathroom, a small room purifier is ideal for the typical bedroom space of a hotel room. 

Guest rooms in most homes are the same or smaller than your average hotel room, meaning they are 300 square feet or less. 

Best Air Purifiers for Travel

Breathe easy this holiday season with travel-friendly air purification products from Air Oasis. From our impressive lineup of air purifiers to our Cool Mist Humidifier and Essential Oil Diffusers, Air Oasis offers an array of products to cleanse the air you breathe while you’re on the road.

When it comes to air purifiers ideal for travel, consider the air quality and environment of your travel destination–as well as the portability, size, and noise of the product you select. For your next trip, shop the iAdaptAir air purifier in our smallest size–the perfect purifier to put in your suitcase for your next vacation.

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