Best Air Purifiers For A Baby Nursery

If you are like so many other parents, chances are you’ve set up your home and the nursery to be the safest place for your baby. Stepping outside reveals the air is filled with smog, car exhaust, and other chemicals that are dangerous to the health of adults and especially children. While it is true that there are a lot of harmful pollutants in the outside air, chances are your indoor air quality (IAQ) is worse. In fact, indoor air can actually be much worse than the air that’s outside! To counter indoor air pollution, parents will want to clean the air to help protect their baby. Air purifier units from Air Oasis are the solution that you’ll need to accomplish that. Here on our site, you’ll find the best selection of residential air purifiers for your home.

Poor Indoor Air is Harmful for Babies

There are a number of reasons why a nursery air purifier is beneficial for babies. Infant immune systems are not yet fully developed or as strong as the immune systems of an adult. This is also true in terms of their respiratory and neurological systems and organs. Because they are still in the process of developing, they are at greater risk of being affected by dangerous chemicals, bacteria, and other indoor air pollutants. Additionally, substances that are absorbed into the blood also penetrate tissues faster due to the elevated heart rate of infancy. In most homes, dust mites, pet dander, and molds are just a few of the types of allergens that may be in the air causing problems. Certain types of allergens, such as pollen spores, can be carried into the home on clothing, hair, etc. These allergens are also found in nurseries, where babies sleep, play, or are just held by their parents. The best air purifier for babies can clean up these allergens and more. Other substances that may be in the air include formaldehyde and other dangerous chemicals that come from new furniture, such as cribs, carpeting, or newly painted walls. Baby mattresses can contain as many as 100 different chemicals that can affect an infant. Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, also come from items made of plastic or vinyl and even from cleaning products. Because the air in the home cannot circulate the way that it does outdoors, pollutants and allergens build and become increasingly problematic for a home with a baby. Air purifier units from Air Oasis can help to remove these contaminants and bacteria from the air before they can cause problems in terms of the baby’s health.

Which Air Purifier is
Right For You?

How to Get the Best Air Purifier for a Baby Nursery

The best air purifier for babies is one that not only cleans the air, but that also sanitizes surfaces. We offer several models of countertop air purifiers that clean either 300+ square feet or as much as 900+ square feet. Our portable systems are suitable for use in temporary locations such as hotels or guest rooms that are serving as a nursery.

When our customers purchase an Air Oasis purifier, they are getting the best air purifier for baby rooms. Our purifiers use AHPCO technology that has been developed by NASA. They are efficient units that utilize a germicidal UVC lamp that destroys molecules from contaminants such as VOCs and even destroys viruses and bacteria. Another benefit of buying one of our single room air purifying/sanitizing units is that they come with lifetime warranties. We also offer excellent support for our customers.

Customers who purchase our air purifiers for nurseries may contact us for sales, product, or website support. We can be reached either by calling (806) 373-7788 or by filling out one of our online forms for assistance. When it comes to giving your baby fresh, clean air, why wait? Browse our air purifiers today.