Eliminating Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette smoke contains a dangerous cocktail of more than 5,000 chemicals. Hundreds of these chemicals can seriously damage the health of those who come into contact with them. Many, like arsenic and lead, are extremely toxic and some, like formaldehyde and benzene, are even known to cause cancer. Contrary to what some people may think, cigars are not any safer than cigarettes. In fact, cigar smoke may be even more toxic than cigarette smoke. Smoke from cigars tends to have a higher concentration of toxic and carcinogenic substances. This higher concentration is in part because cigar tobacco undergoes a fermentation process that results in a larger number of cancer-causing nitrosamines.

In addition to the negative effects it can have on human health, the smoke from cigarettes and cigars can cause a number of unpleasant problems in the home, such as stained walls and lingering odors. If you smoke or live with a smoker, the hazardous chemicals in cigarette and cigar smoke can coat your furniture and build up on the various surfaces in your home. They can also remain in the air you breathe long after the cigarette is put out, giving rise to a phenomenon sometimes referred to as “thirdhand smoke.” If a home always smells like cigarettes, it could mean that the air is full of volatile organic compounds from tobacco smoke. The health of those who live with a smoker, not to mention the smoker’s health, could be at risk.

Which Air Purifier is
Right For You?

Naturally, many who live with the daily effects of odors and stains from cigarette and cigar smoke spend a lot of time and money searching for ways to eliminate or at least minimize these negative effects. People try all sorts of things to achieve these goals with varying levels of success, but an air purifier is often the best way to rid your home of odors from cigarette smoke. Air purifier technologies differ from model to model, however, and some models are simply not up to the task. Most household air purifiers, while capable of filtering out large particulate matter from the air, have no way of eliminating the gaseous volatile organic compounds that tend to give rise to odors. The stench caused by the smoke from cigarettes and cigars, for instance, is the result of the same gaseous toxins that are hazardous to a person’s health. Most residential and commercial air purifiers, therefore, will not be effective in eliminating odors from cigarette smoke or sanitizing the air you breathe.

Air Oasis, on the other hand, has produced the perfect air purifier for smokers. Our air ionizers can actually sanitize the air in your home using a process called advanced hydrated photocatalytic oxidation. Photocatalytic oxidation is a technique originally developed by NASA that makes use of ultraviolet light and a metal catalyst. Photons from the ultraviolet light react with the metal catalyst to create catalytic molecules. These molecules then attract volatile organic compounds, like the formaldehyde found in cigarette and cigar smoke, and turn them into harmless reaction intermediates like carbon dioxide and water vapor. An individual in search of the best air purifier for smoke from cigarettes and cigars is likely to have much more success with a product from Air Oasis than with a typical air purifier or smoke ionizer.

One of our in-duct or countertop models would be ideal for ridding the air in your home of the toxic chemicals found in cigarette and cigar smoke. Air purifier use in your home can help to immediately improve your indoor air quality, and Air Oasis has a number of products that are easily installed and require little to no maintenance. Our nano Induct, for instance, can be mounted in a heating ventilation and air conditioning system to sanitize the air in every room of your house at once. Individuals who travel a lot may find our portable air purifiers highly useful. These models can be transported in a convenient carrying case and may be used in vehicles, hotel rooms, or anywhere they’re needed. When you purchase any one of our products, you can rest assured that you are buying the best air purifier for smoke from cigarettes and cigars. With its advanced hydrated photocatalytic oxidation technology, our air purifier for smokers doesn’t just filter particulate matter from the air in your home. It eliminates the odors and toxins from tobacco use, keeping your air fresh and safe to breathe.