Scientific Studies: Air Purifiers for Viruses and Bacteria

Air Purifiers for Viruses and Bacteria

Indoor air and surfaces are full of viruses and bacteria. As people come in and out of rooms, touch surfaces, cough and sneeze, the air fills with tiny particles that can cause sickness. From immediate irritation to contracting contagious diseases, this is a serious public and personal health concern. Air purifiers can reduce pathogenic organisms in the air and on surfaces.

Innovative Bi-Polar® Ionization technology impacts viruses and bacteria. This method is rooted in scientific principles and leverages cutting-edge technology to clean the air.

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Read on to learn more about these important technologies and the studies that prove their effectiveness.

Bi-Polar Ionization: Overview

Bi-Polar® Ionization may also be referred to as cold plasma ionization. Two charged poles, one negative and one positive, use low-voltage electricity to split H20 water vapor, creating positively charged and negatively charged ions. These ions interrupt viruses and bacteria's RNA and DNA, preventing them from spreading. This occurs with airborne contaminants and those on surfaces like countertops, tables, and door handles.

It also helps clear the air of airborne particulate matter like dust, dander, pollen, and mold spores. This occurs because airborne charged particles attract to one another, trapping other particles in the process until they are too heavy to float and fall to surfaces to be cleaned.

Another positive outcome of Bi-polar® Ionization is a reduction in static electricity in the treated area.

Here are the steps for Bi-Polar® Ionization:

  1. Water vapor is separated into positive hydrogen and negative oxygen ions
  2. These ions interact with single-cell contaminants, including bacteria and viruses
  3. Bacteria and viruses spread more slowly due to RNA and DNA interruptions.
Chart illustrating how Air Oasis Bi-Polar Ionization technology works
Chart illustrating how Air Oasis Bi-Polar Ionization technology works.

STUDY: Reduce H1N1 Using iAdaptAir®

A scientific study evaluated the inactivation efficacy of the Air Oasis air sanitizing device against the airborne Influenza A H1N1 virus. The iAdaptAir® was remotely controlled for this test. The virus load was created according to lab specifications. Upon exposure, the rate of reduction was calculated. The results showed that, within 20 minutes, the viral load had reduced by 99.99%. The iAdaptAir® was proven effective at inactivating the virus.

Chart illustrating results of scientific studies testing Air Oasis purifiers against H1N1 Virus.
Chart illustrating results of scientific studies testing Air Oasis purifiers against H1N1 Virus.Results based on laboratory testing. Actual results may vary.

Bi-Polar Ionization: Buy Air Purifiers

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