Air Purifier for Classroom: Medical Grade Air Purifiers at Quincy Public Schools

Air Purifier for Classroom: Medical Grade Air Purifiers at Quincy Public Schools

When it comes to keeping children safe, public health efforts are a community affair. At least that’s the attitude Quincy, Illinois-mom Elizabeth Boyer took when she contacted the Quincy Medical Group (QMG). Boyer’s mission was simple: provide all eight Quincy public schools with Air Oasis air purifiers for their nurses’ offices. QMC quickly approved the partnership. "I think it's amazing,” said Kayla Baumann, QMG’s Community Support Specialist, in an interview with KHQA News. “It's a great partnership, and we're always so happy to partner with our schools and community members, and being able to give back in this way is great."  

The Air Oasis team loves stories like this, not just because they help get the word out about our fantastic air purifiers, but because they highlight what is possible when communities work together toward a public health goal. Keep reading to learn how air purifiers can play a critical role in keeping school-aged children safe. 

Interested in Air Oasis air purifiers for your child’s classroom? Explore our high-quality air purifiers and encourage your child’s school to take proactive steps to ensure the best possible indoor air quality. Questions? Contact us online or give us a call at 806-373-7788

Classroom Air Purifier

Most people don’t realize that indoor air pollution levels can be several times higher than outdoor air pollution levels in even the largest, most industrial cities. A school building’s indoor air can be rife with pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), biological agents, combustion byproducts, allergens, pesticides, asbestos, viruses and more. When these pollutants are present, they pose serious health threats to a school’s children and staff. Luckily, high-quality air purifiers can mitigate negative health outcomes in a variety of ways. 

Reduce Disease Transmission

A major concern among educators, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, is the transmission of disease at school. Children are notoriously effective vectors for viruses and bacteria, as they love to touch everything, talk too close and share their juice boxes with friends. Although air purifiers won’t sanitize your child’s hands, air purifiers can reduce viruses in the air.

In studies conducted at third-party labs, researchers tested Air Oasis air purifiers against certain strains of coronavirus. They found that Air Oasis air purifiers reduced viruses in the air by more than 99%. As a result, many research institutions, acclaimed universities, medical offices and public schools choose Air Oasis air purifiers to protect against virus transmission. 

Improve Cognitive Functioning

Air pollution, regardless of indoor or outdoor, has profound effects on cognitive functioning. This is especially true for children because they breathe in more air per unit of body weight than adults. A large body of studies suggest that exposure to air pollution in childhood is associated with reduced IQ, worse memory, lower grade-point averages, as well as neurological and behavioral problems. 

In addition to hurting academic performance, poor air quality may exacerbate depression, anxiety and mental health issues in children and teenagers. A recent study found that damp indoor air, condensation and second-hand smoke are likely risk factors for emotional and behavioral problems in young children. Another recent study found that exposure to particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide may increase teens’ risk for developing clinical depression and conduct disorder

Protect Immunocompromised Kids

When discussing public health issues that pertain to school-aged children and teens, it’s important to remember that some youth are at increased risk for infection and negative health outcomes. Additionally, children are not able to mitigate that risk by use of personal choice because they are minors under the care of a school system. As a result, educators and parents must choose to enact policies that protect the most vulnerable children in their care. 

Research shows that children who are immunocompromised or have asthma, allergies or respiratory disease are much more vulnerable to the negative effects of poor indoor air quality than other children. Nearly one in thirteen school children has asthma, the leading cause in health-related absenteeism. Indoor allergens like mold, pests and dust mites are commonly found in schools and can trigger asthma attacks and allergies. 

Best Air Purifier for Classroom

If you’re looking for the best air purifier for classrooms, there are several factors to consider. The most important factor at play is arguably an air purifier’s purification capabilities. Indoor air pollutants in schools vary widely, and to be truly effective, an air purifier should be capable of removing or reducing the following: 

  • Allergens and mold, which can trigger asthma and allergy attacks
  • VOCs, which are commonly found in building materials, paints, combustion appliances, insulation, chemical cleaners and more
  • Virus and bacteria, as children frequently spread disease to their peers
  • Odors and smoke, which children can carry in on their clothing

In addition to effectively removing indoor air pollutants, a classroom air purifier needs to be compact and quiet enough that it doesn’t distract the students. Air Oasis air purifiers not only capture, reduce or deactivate all the indoor air pollutants discussed, but also run quietly, come in a variety of sizes and are easy and safe for anyone to use. Here is the best air purifier for classrooms: 

iAdaptAir® HEPA Purifier: a top-of-the-line air purifier that combines the top five air purification technologies to dispense indoor air pollutants. Sleek, quiet and intuitive, the iAdaptAir® is the smartest air purifier on the market and completely manageable from a smart-phone app. It comes in three sizes that purify spaces of 250, 550 and 850 square feet. 

Air Oasis: The Best Air Purifiers for Classrooms

Parents, teachers and public health officials all have a role to play in protecting children’s health. As one of the most vulnerable populations among us, children deserve advocates that care about their indoor air quality and take steps to ensure its purity. When you buy from Air Oasis, you can be sure you’re getting a product that’s based in science, rigorously tested and manufactured responsibly. If you’re interested in improving the indoor air quality in your child’s school, visit us online to learn more about our high-performance air purifiers or give us a call at 806-373-7788.

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