Air Purifiers for Holiday Trips

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year for millions who celebrate the winter holidays. Some of the best memories are made this season, and it’s all thanks to the ability to take long trips to visit loved ones. Although, traveling itself may not be the fun part. In fact, for many people, holiday trips as a whole are stressful. 

Want to breathe easier on your holiday travels this time around? An air purifier can help. 

It might not seem like the first item you’d pack in your suitcase. Once you’re napping in a hotel or unpacking in the guest bedroom at your in-laws’ house, you’ll be grateful to have safe, clean air.

Here are a few reasons to bring an air purifier on your next holiday trip, and a few travel-friendly tips for healthier air quality. 

Air Purifiers Help With Smoke

According to the CDC, even temporary exposure to secondhand smoke can cause permanent harm to the lungs. For non-smoking adults, being around friends and family who smoke tobacco can increase the risk of stroke and heart disease by up to 30%.

In addition to the indirect health risks of tobacco, the smell of secondhand smoke and even thirdhand smoke is bothersome. Cigarette fumes can linger in the air and on clothing for hours, resulting in an uncomfortable social atmosphere when indoors. 

Bringing an air-purifying device to your next holiday destination can safeguard you and your family from unwanted smoke. Your best bet is a purifier that uses a HEPA filter capable of filtering smoke particles down to 0.1 microns.

Air Purifiers Help With Indoor Air Quality

Everyone’s home is different, including the household smell and air quality. While traveling away from the comfort of your home, the only thing you can do about your loved ones’ living arrangements is adapt. 

From dirty pet dander to poor ventilation to questionable paint fumes from Uncle Rob’s new hobby, an air purifier can deal with all the unfamiliar “stuff” in the air. 

Purified air has been found to reduce the spread of dust, prevent the spread of germs, and comfort people with respiratory sensitivities. Whether you’re traveling nonstop from an Airbnb to a hotel or you’re staying in one set location, a travel-friendly air purifier is a safe option.

Air Purifiers and Fireplaces

Nothing compares to the cozy, warm feeling of enjoying some hot cocoa by the fire with loved ones. To some people, however, a wood-burning fireplace can be problematic. 

In developed countries, the use of wood fireplaces and wood stoves shows an increased rate of indoor air pollution compared to central heating systems. Because 65% of wood stoves in America are outdated and therefore unregulated, there are serious considerations to take before stocking the fireplace all season long.

There’s room for moderation, of course. When it’s time to roast marshmallows with the grandkids or warm your frozen fingers at the fire, use an air filter to mitigate indoor fireplace pollution. 

Air Purifiers When Ventilation is Poor

Major companies invest in air ventilation for corporate buildings, as the latest research continues to show that poor indoor air quality poses health risks. No matter where you stay indoors for long periods of time, air quality matters. 

Here are a few common situations people experience when there’s poor ventilation during the holidays:

  • It’s easy to forget about ventilation when cooking all day while it’s snowing outside.
  • Invisible soot builds up when burning the fireplace and scented candles.
  • Close travel quarters like hostels or hotels expose you to various body scents of other people, including sweat and perfume. 
  • Being around lots of young children exposes the family to foreign smells and germs.
  • The old guest unit detached from the family home hasn’t been dusted in years, and it’s uncomfortable for guests to breathe at night.

Make the room you’re staying in a safe haven on holiday trips. A portable electromagnetic air purifier can prevent and reverse the results of poor ventilation, no matter where you go. 

Why Take an Air Purifier on a Holiday Trip?

Bringing an air purifier with you on holiday trips may be the best thing you can do for your respiratory health and comfort. If you still question the idea of carrying an air filter in your luggage, here are some more reasons it’s worth it.

Choose Your Air Quality

Even if the place you’re staying in is relatively healthy and clean, giving yourself the option to adjust your air quality is a responsible health decision. Whether you already use an air purifier at home or you’re in the market for a portable quality system, choose healthier, cleaner air.

Avoid the Cold and Flu This Winter

Traveling during flu season increases people’s exposure to unknown transmission. Effective air purifiers help filter out harmful bacteria and viruses in the air. With lab-tested technologies that reduce viruses and germs by up to 99%, Air Oasis helps you and your family combat the cold season.

Especially Important for People With Allergens, Children, and Pets

Multigenerational gatherings introduce higher risks of seasonal and airborne illnesses. For individuals with allergies, holiday travel brings even more stress on the respiratory system as dust, pollen, dander, and pollutants surround new and unfamiliar areas. 

Air purifiers bring welcomed relief to people of all ages who experience air quality sensitivities. Bringing a portable air purifying system on your holiday trip is a gift in itself to everyone from infants to elderly family members. 

Best Air Purifiers for Holiday Travel

Enjoy a deep breath after all the stress of holiday travel. At Air Oasis, we make it easy for you to love the air you breathe no matter where you are. Thanks to our lineup of travel-friendly air purifiers, holiday travel just got clearer, merrier, and brighter. 

Looking for the best air purifier for holiday travel? Shop the top-of-the-line Small iAdaptAir™ Purifier. It’s portable and compact enough to set on a nightstand while offering 250 square feet of air protection. To stay moisturized and calm while the heater runs full blast, enjoy the Cool Mist Humidifier or our new Essential Oil Diffuser.

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