Cyber Monday Air Purifier Deals

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As our world moves more and more online, and in the wake of a global pandemic, online shopping has seen a boom in popularity. It’s easy. It’s fast. You can cost-compare and do it all in your jammies.

Just around the bend from Black Friday comes the opportunity to score some great holiday deals online. 

When it comes to Cyber Monday, knowing your shopping list and having a plan will ensure you can take advantage of all the best online deals from your favorite brands. The real challenge is to navigate the lightning deals, flash sales, and cyber specials to find high-quality gifts.

As you consider your holiday gift list this year, air purifiers provide a unique, high-quality option for the most important people in your life. 

Giving the gift of health and quality of life is a gift that keeps giving for years to come. 

Our exclusive line of air purification products contains the perfect items to add to your Cyber Monday online shopping wish list.

Here are some tips for your for your digital shopping adventures.

Air Purifiers on Cyber Monday: Amazon Picks

While holiday sale shopping used to mean skimming through paper advertisements for Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday has emerged as the online shopper’s dream. Especially for Amazon, Cyber Monday tends to outperform Black Friday for online discounts. 

Shop online holiday deals from the comfort of your couch on the Monday after Thanksgiving–coined ‘Cyber Monday.’ Cyber Monday is really famous in large part because of Amazon, and this year you could score some record-breaking deals. 

As we said, Cyber Monday falls right after Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Cyber Monday is one of the year's biggest shopping events, with Amazon pulling out all the stops to give online shoppers the ultimate shopping experience, chock-full of deep discounts from top brands, bestsellers, lightning rounds, and game elements. Bottom line: Amazon kicks off the holiday shopping season by offering incredibly competitive pricing on many of the year’s most sought-after items.

Major brands on Amazon have their own brand pages, making it convenient to browse products from your favorite brands. On brand pages like Air Oasis, you can search and browse all Air Oasis products, review specific product ratings, share your favorites on social media, save items to Lists, or even follow the page for future shopping.

Scan in advance to see what the brands you love and follow will be featuring for Cyber Monday. There tend to not only be limited time deals, but also limited quantity, so you’ll want to plan your digital route through Amazon or other online stores to ensure you get what you’re after.

Cyber Monday Air Purifiers on Google

While Amazon originally got the ball rolling on creating the Cyber Monday online shopping experience, other platforms and brands have jumped on the bandwagon. Google Shopping is a lesser-known but still highly effective way to browse, compare, and shop for your favorite items on Cyber Monday. 

Brands can list products for sale and offer deals on Google’s shopping console. Shoppers view products based on their current searches and search history. Google uses some of its ad information to filter product and brand interest for each shopper. 

HOT TIP: Because of the amount of data Google collects from you as an online shopper, you may view inflated prices when you’re consistently shopping for the same products and brands. Shopping in incognito mode is the only way around this if you’re shopping on Google. Otherwise, your best option is to go directly to the company’s website to make your purchase.

Online Cyber Monday Shopping for Wellness Products

Even if you do that, we recommend you do some very easy price comparisons, making sure what you see on deal or ad pages is in fact the best deal.

Shoppers that go to company sites can view the best and most recent prices directly from the brand with no middleman. 

Many sites, like Air Oasis, also offer shoppers helpful search consoles with the ability to shop by model, shop by concern, and even purchase product-specific replacement parts

For brands you love and follow, sign-up for email lists to get notified about sales, especially around the holidays.

Tips for Cyber Monday Shopping

With Black Friday sandwiched the day after Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday offers some of the best deals (and even some better ones) the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. It’s the perfect day to sit down at your computer with a cup of coffee after a busy week in the kitchen and with family and score on some of the big-ticket items on your holiday list. 

Brands with products at higher price points are known for offering exclusive deals on Cyber Monday that you won’t see them feature the rest of the year. Plus, the beauty of online shopping is that most items can be purchased with a gift wrap selection and shipped directly to your recipient.

As a tech-based gift ranging from a couple hundred to a couple of thousand dollars, air purifiers are an excellent purchase for the most important people in your life. 

Easy to wrap at home or ship directly, you’ll want to keep your eye on Cyber Monday deals for air purifiers this holiday shopping season.

For Cyber Monday shopping, there are a few tips that will make you successful–and your wallet will thank you.

4 Tips for Cyber Monday Shopping

Here are our best ideas for maximizing the value of Cyber Monday shopping:

  1. Make a list and set a budget. Before Cyber Monday is here, know the items you want to purchase and your overall budget. Then, when you see a big ticket item like an air purifier go on sale, you can make the purchase decision quickly.
  2. Consider shopping directly on company websites. The only way to ensure you won’t experience inflated prices on platforms like Google is to shop directly on the brand’s website. Plus, many brands offer exclusive deals directly on their website that you won’t find elsewhere. 
  3. Research shipping policies and fees — this will help you decide the best platform to purchase. For example, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, compare the Amazon cost with free shipping against buying directly from the brand if you have to pay shipping costs.
  4. Know the return policies. If you think you may return a product you purchase on Cyber Monday, research the return policies ahead of time.

Cyber Monday Air Purifier Deals 2022

Everyone has that certain someone on their gift list who deserves something special but always requires some creativity. This Cyber Monday, consider purchasing an air purifier for the health-conscious family member on your shopping list. 

Not only are air purifiers a very popular gift item, but they’re also convenient to ship to your recipient's home. 

The gift of health can’t be matched, and at Air Oasis, we’re here to help families worldwide breathe easier.

At Air Oasis, we plan to release exclusive deals leading up to the holiday season as well as sales for Cyber Monday. To stay in the loop on the best sales and sales, sign-up for our email list.

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