How Many Square Feet Can an Air Purifier Cover?

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Air purifiers play an important role in making our lives cleaner and healthier. One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing an air purifier is the size of your room. 

Two Qs to consider:

  1. How many square feet does the air purifier need to cover? 
  2. Where will you be keeping your air purifier in the room? 

Purchasing an air purifier that fits your square footage needs ensures its ability to properly filter allergens, viruses, odors, and more. 

This article will help you determine the perfect fit air purifier for your specific space. 

Portable Air Purifier: How Many Square Feet Does it Cover?

Portable air purifiers cover a range of square footages which are typically specified in the manufacturer’s description. 

First, you need to know your square footage needs so that you pick the right air purifier. 

Here’s how to evaluate the best air purifier for your space: 

  1. Choose where you want to place the air purifier in your space
  2. Measure the square footage of the space
  3. Match the square feet rating on the air purifier to your room

Air purifiers can be both too small or too large for a room, which is why it’s important to select a purifier that is size appropriate for your space. 

The iAdaptAir® is an example of a portable air purifier that comes in three sizes with calculated square footage capabilities.

For instance, the iAdaptAir® Small covers up to 250 square feet, while the iAdaptAir® Large covers up to 850 square feet. The size options allow you to pick the right fit for the right space.

Air Purifiers for Small Rooms

A small room is considered 250 square feet or smaller, which is a typical size for a bedroom. Many people keep their air purifiers in their bedrooms because it’s nice to breathe clean while you sleep. It’s a great room to start with if you are considering your first air purifier for your home. 

The iAdaptAir® HEPA UV Air Purifier S works in rooms up to 250 square feet, and is ideal for smaller rooms, such as bedrooms or utility rooms. You may also want to use multiple purifiers spread through a large space, for instance a rec room or reception area in an office space. 

Air Purifiers for Medium Size Rooms

A medium room is any room up to 550 square feet and would usually be a living room, kitchen, master bedroom, or other medium sized space. Check out the iAdaptAir® HEPA UV Air Purifier M  and the IonicAir™ UV Purifier as the perfect fit for a mid-sized room. 

Air Purifiers for Large Rooms

A large room is bigger than 800 square feet. Large rooms can be a very large master bedroom, open concept living space, or an office. 

Large rooms need the iAdaptAir® HEPA UV Air Purifier L. It has the ultimate power and ability to filter air for up to 800 sq ft.

Calculating Square Feet

By now you understand that it’s important to purchase a size-specific air purifier. The ideal size of your air purifier will depend on the overall dimensions of the room you are wanting to use it in.

To calculate the area of a room, all you need is a measuring tape and ideally an assistant to help you. Measure the length and the width of the room. To get the total square footage of the room, you will then multiply these two measurements (length x width). 

How Effective is an Air Purifier in My Space?

Square footage + air purifier capability determines the effectiveness of your air purifier in your space. 

Capabilities include the space an air purifier can cover, and the type of air purifier you’re using. 

To determine the full effectiveness of your air purifier, you’ll want to consider square footage of your space, air flow, placement of your air purifier, and specific pollutants in your air.  

Some manufacturers use a CADR rating to determine the effectiveness of an air purifier in a specific area of square footage. CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate. It is a rating system used by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers.  

CADR uses square footage and a standard 8-foot ceiling height. If your ceiling height is greater than 8-feet, the effectiveness of your air purifier could be diminished. CADR is also a voluntary program, so not all manufacturers will include a CADR rating. 

You can also determine the effectiveness of your air purifier by measuring the actual air quality in your space. Indoor air quality is measured by using an indoor air quality (IAQ) index, which scans for air pollutants. The lower the number (on a scale of 0 to 500), the better your air quality. IAQ can be measured using at-home test kits for moderate accuracy. 

Find an Air Purifier for my Apartment or Home

Whether the space you are in is small or big, old or new, there is no better way to ensure your physical health than by purchasing an air purifier

Knowing how many square feet an air purifier can cover is key to getting one that’s just right for your home, apartment, office, or other space.

Cleaner air awaits.


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