Combating Airborne Pathogens and Germs

When it comes to the air inside one’s home or business, some may mistakenly believe that the indoor air quality (IAQ) is cleaner or less polluted than the air that they breathe outdoors. Unfortunately for anyone who spends any significant amount of time indoors, this isn’t true. In fact, indoor air is as much as five times more polluted than the air that’s outside. The air inside of residential and commercial buildings is filled with organic and chemical allergens and pollutants as well as airborne pathogens. At Air Oasis, we offer a variety of air purifiers that we have designed to both clean and sanitize.

What Are Airborne Pathogens?

When buying an air purifier, you’ll want to buy one that is made to clean up allergens and airborne pathogens. For the most part, people know that there are allergens in the home. These allergens may include pet dander, dust, dust mites, and even allergens carried in from outdoors such as pollen. But what are airborne pathogens? These are disease- or illness-producing agents such as viruses or bacteria that generally can’t be seen but are floating in the air. An airborne pathogen can make a person sick simply because they have inhaled the pathogen. The airborne pathogens list is a long one; however, there are some common and familiar pathogens that frequently make people ill and that are found in homes and public buildings at various times throughout the year. The rhinovirus is a contagious virus that causes people to get colds. Other airborne pathogens include Streptococcus pneumoniae, which causes pneumonia, and the parainfluenza virus that causes people to get the flu. To eliminate these airborne pathogens and effectively remove any threat that they pose, purchase one of our Air Oasis purifiers. A germicidal air purifier can clean most bacteria and viruses from the air while sanitizing surfaces for maximum protection of yourself and your family.

Which Air Purifier is
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What Are VOCs?

Other airborne problems in the home come from volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. What are VOCs? These are easy-to-evaporate chemicals that are carbon-based. They may or may not have odors and may come from building materials or from personal care products. Human actions such as cooking, smoking, or using wood-burning stoves, for example, can produce VOCs. Examples of VOCs are formaldehyde, xylene, and acetone.

How VOCs Affect Health

Large amounts of VOCs in the air can have a negative effect on the health of the people who live or work in the home or building. When people are exposed to volatile organic compounds, health effects such as headaches, irritation to the eyes or throat, nausea, liver or kidney damage, or damage to the central nervous system can result. Additionally, certain VOCs may also cause cancer in some people. To reduce the risk of health problems that are caused by VOCs, people will want to use a VOC air purifier. Air Oasis has a number of air purifiers that can be used in rooms around the house. Our portable units can also clean the air in hotel rooms and even in your car!

Buy an Air Purifier from Air Oasis

An Air Oasis air purifier is an air-cleansing tool that every home and business can benefit from. Germs and chemicals are in the air nearly everywhere you and your family go. They are a typically unseen presence that can take a tremendous toll and wreak havoc on your health. With that in mind, why wait to buy one? Here at Air Oasis, we have the best air purifiers and an impressive selection for our customers to choose from. We offer lifetime warranties on all of our portable models. If you have any questions regarding our air purifiers, feel free to contact us for support right away. We can answer any questions that you might have, so don’t delay. Browse Air Oasis today and you’ll be experiencing cleaner, healthier air in no time!