Electronic Air Cleaners & Purifiers

With all the different variations of a basic air purification system out there, it can be difficult for the residential or commercial consumer to determine which product will be the best for improving the indoor air quality of your space. Electronic air purifiers or electrostatic air cleaners are a great option for anyone to buy.

How Electronic Air Purifiers Work

Essentially, an electronic air cleaner uses an electrical zap of sorts to trap pollutants and contaminants on grids that are similar to filters. This process is known as electrostatic attraction and draws air through the ionization section, where the particles can get their electrical charge. After the particles are charged, they then accumulate on a plate. This plate is oppositely charged and therefore helps the particles become weighed down and easier to remove. An electronic air cleaner is great because it is considered more economical and just as effective as other air purifiers.

Electronic Air Purifier Benefits

An electronic air purifier is great for consumers who struggle with sensitivity to airborne bacteria, mold particles, or viruses. They can help remove allergens and harmful contaminants in the air effectively. Although they are fairly advanced forms of technology, they are some of the most low-maintenance air purification systems you can find. An electronic air purifier also happens to be a highly economical choice.

An electrostatic air cleaner uses electronic cells in order to charge the particles inside the purifier itself. It then traps the particles and contaminants on collector plates, which can easily be washed either by hand or in a dishwasher, depending on the model. Some of these air purifiers contain filters, but most do not.

Electronic Air Purifier Technology

To go into a little more detail on the ins and outs of an electrostatic air cleaner, the particles are initially charged prior to passing into the collector plate or filter. They are negatively charged with negative ions, and when they come in contact with the positively charged filter or collector plate. The particles become attracted to the collector plate and stay put on the plate because the opposite charges attract. The plate can then be cleaned thoroughly. The key is to remember to keep the collector plate or filter clean because the purifier will be less effective if it is not kept cleaned regularly.

Which Air Purifier is
Right For You?

This electrostatic technology helps to provide a method of trapping more particles with less airflow, in comparison to other air purification systems on the market. It creates friction while the conditioned air flows through a filter. The friction helps create static electricity, which will build up on the filter. The filter, electrically charged, will attract particles and remove them efficiently from the recirculated airstream.

Air Oasis Electronic Air Purifiers

The iAdaptAir® purifier is a smart electronic air purifier. With its true HEPA filter combined with a carbon filter, it will efficiently trap ultra small particles that float in your air. Then, its UV light and ionization technology will neaturalize contaminants both trapped in the filter and still floating in the air. Invest in your health today with an Air Oasis air purifier.


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