The Health Effects of Air Conditioning

Authored by Dr. Jeff Bennert

It’s the dog days of August and not only is the temperature high, but the humidity may also make it difficult to breathe outdoors. One of the saving graces that people have to combat the hot weather is air conditioning. Whether you are at work, in your home, at a shopping center or in your car, a cold air conditioner can be a very welcome relief. However, despite the fact that air conditioners can offer temporary relief from the hot and humid weather, it also can potentially be a source of health concerns to people of all ages.

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Positives of Air Conditioning

On a hot, humid day, one of the most refreshing moments is when you step into an air conditioned room or auto. This blast of cold can be extremely useful for people in helping them to improve breathing. In fact, for many people that suffer from chronic illnesses with breathing problems, air conditioning can be critical for patients to continue to breathe properly. Also, by using air conditioning or air purifiers, you can improve the quality of the air in your home or office; however, to ensure that it is beneficial, the air systems need to be cleaned and checked on a regular basis.

Negatives of Air Conditioning

While air conditioning offers relief from oppressive heat and humidity, there are also some health concerns that people should be aware of. Unless systems are cleaned regularly, air conditioners can be a source of health issues. Air contamination can become a severe problem that contributes to respiratory ailments in people. Additionally, air conditioning at work and home can lead to problems, such as colds, fevers, headaches and fatigue.

Air conditioning has been a big part of our everyday life, especially during the summer months. There are both positives and negatives for regular usage. To determine whether air conditioning is useful for you, that decision is yours. We hope that this information has been useful in determining whether you should use air conditioning. Please feel free to share this information with others facing the same decision.